Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery Hamburg was established in 1875 as a parish cemetery, as a sacred place for the sole purpose of the burial of human remains. It is a silent witness to the truths of the Catholic Faith.

For this reason we give the following rules and regulations for Saints Peter & Paul Cemetery.

  1. The purchaser of a lot in the cemetery does not acquire the property itself, only the right of burial (easement).
  2. Upon the death of the grave owner (purchaser) the right of burial passes to the next of kin.
  3. No burial will be permitted in the cemetery until the grave/niche and opening are paid in full and a permit has been obtained from the proper municipal authority.
  4. All burials shall require a vault/grave liner or urn.
  5. A maximum of one internment and one cremains or two cremains will be permitted in a single grave. No monument/marker can be places until the graves are paid in full.
  6. All monuments/markers to be installed in the cemetery must first be approved as appropriate by the pastor or designated representative.
  7. All foundations for monuments/markers shall be installed by cemetery personnel or designated contractors.
  8. The care of all monuments and foundations remains the responsibility of the lot owner. Problems over time with the foundation or vandalism to a monument are the direct responsibility of the lot owner. If not corrected and there is danger to visitors or cemetery personnel, the monument will be laid flat on the grave.
  9. Government markers will not be installed until the foundation has been paid for in full.
  10. All maintenance in the cemetery shall be done by cemetery personnel or designated contractor.
  11. Cemetery hours shall be from Dawn to Dusk.
  12. In keeping with the cemetery being a sacred resting place for our departed family members, it may not be used as a playground or other athletic activities.


Generally, guidelines for decorations are intended to maintain the beauty and uniformity of the cemetery appearance. It is important for lot owners, family, friends and visitors to note some regulations to address safety issues and other issues needed for proper maintenance.

  1. Between May 1 and October 1, one pot of flowers will be permitted per lot. All pots must be placed on top of the ground and be 10-12 inches in diameter. Pots not removed by October 1 will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.
  2. Artificial decorations mounted on upright supports made of wire, wood or plastic that stand above the ground, are not permitted except for wreaths which are permitted only between December 1 and February 1. After such time, if not removed by the family, they are subject to removal by cemetery personnel.
  3. Cut flowers may be placed in approved metal containers; however glass containers are never permitted. Decorations must be places close to the monument so that visitors do not trip over them.
  4. No permanent urns shall be placed on any lot consisting of less than 2 graves. A lot of at least 4 graves is required for 2 urns.
  5. In ground planting (trees, shrubs, plants, annuals), shells, chips and gravel are not permitted. We acknowledge in the older sections some plantings are grandfathered. However, if they are not maintained, the cemetery has the right to remove them.
  6. Due to possible safety hazards, no chairs, benches, trellises, fences, toys, glass, plastic or metal ornaments, statues or votive lights are permitted.
  7. The American Legion has places a flagpole and Veterans memorial at the cemetery entrance area. They hold their ceremonies at their memorial. American flags may be placed on a veterans grave 24 hours prior to and removed within 48 hours of the following days: Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.
  8. The cemetery reserves the right to remove decorations that have deteriorated, along with decorations that do not conform to these guidelines.